To promote the safe and enjoyable sport of kayaking. The mainstay of the Pacific Fleet Kayak Club is ocean and recreational kayaking in and around beautiful Vancouver Island.

The Pacific Fleet Kayak Club


The Pacific Fleet Kayak Club is non-profit organization that supports military and DND employees at Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt in British Columbia - the home of Canada's Pacific Fleet. The club offers training in kayaking, with an emphasis on rescue and safety techniques.

We introduce beginners to the growing world of kayaking in a two-phase course that includes a "pool phase" at the Naden Athletic Centre and an "ocean phase" from the club's boathouse. The club has an inventory of kayaks and equipment available for member bookings, and the benefits of learning from certified and experienced paddlers. We welcome all levels of paddlers to join our club.

Kayaking Tips & Tricks

Signal Whistles : Need to shout? Save your voice, carry a whistle with you at all times. Buy several and put them in several places in your gear, in your clothing, but NEVER attach it to the zipper on your PFD! It's unsafe and marks you as a major rookie!


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