Our Mission

   To promote the safe and enjoyable sport of kayaking. The mainstay of the Pacific Fleet Kayak Club is ocean and recreational kayaking in and around beautiful Vancouver Island.

About Us

   The Pacific Fleet Kayak Club is non-profit organization that supports military and DND employees at Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt in British Columbia - the home of Canada's Pacific Fleet. The club offers training in kayaking, with an emphasis on rescue and safety techniques. We introduce beginners to the growing world of kayaking in a two-phase course that includes a "pool phase" at the Naden Athletic Centre and an "ocean phase" from the club's boathouse. The club has an inventory of kayaks and equipment available for member bookings, and the benefits of learning from certified and experienced paddlers. We welcome all levels of paddlers to join our club.

Notice Board

A little bit about the new site

  • Click on your name in the top left hand corner of the navigation bar. There you will find your account information, please confirm that this information is correct.
  • Notice the resources available to you on this home page. You will find an event calender, a 3 day tide graph, and some useful links to keep you safe out kayaking
  • Notice the "TROUBLE TICKETS" button on the navigation bar. Trouble tickets are submitted by you when you notice an issue with a piece of equipment, no matter how small. Diligent use of trouble tickets will keep our equipment in tip top shape and give you the most bang for your membership fee.
  • Notice the "BOOK A TRIP" button on the navigation bar. This is our new rental system you'll notice that the system now keeps coordinates of your intended kayak route which will offer you better saftey in case of emergencies.
  • After a rental has been submitted you'll notice a "MY TRIP" button on the navigation bar. This page allows you to review your rental at anytime and retreive the clubhouse pin number. More importantly upon returning from your kayak trip you must return your equipment in this page. If you do not return your equipment, club officials will contact you via email or yor emergency contact, to ensure you are not in danger.